Advanced Installer Architect 10.5 Build 52704 Full Patch Crack

Advanced Installer Architect 10.5 Full Crack – After I share a variety of software related to the Utility, Security, and a variety of multimedia and graphics software, this time I will share a very useful software for your developers to simplify the installer and make sure that you create software installed correctly. Some mistakes are common for developers to create a software installer, which include a lack of unfamiliarity to a developer for the system installation process.

Advanced Installer v10 is a Windows Installer authoring tool which is powerful and easy to use, which allows developers to create reliable MSI packages that meet the latest guidelines for the Microsoft Windows logo certification. Advanced Installer Architect 10.5 Build 52704 Full Patch Crack
Benefits capability:
  • Themes
  • Updater
  • Prerequisites
  • IIS
  • Mixed 32/64-bit
  • Internationalization
  • Java Native Launcher
  • Mac OS X
  • XML Patching
  • Repackager
  • Dialog Editor
  • Patches
  • Databases
  • Licensing
  • App-V
  • ThinApp
  • SCCM
  • MSI Editor
Key features:
  • Files, Folders and Shortcuts (to installed files, existing files or URLs)
  • Registry keys and entries
  • Environment Variables (which can be replace or be appended to existing variable like PATH)
  • INI file entries
  • ODBC drivers, data sources and translators
  • .NET and Win32 assemblies
  • Services
  • File Associations, MIME types
  • Permissions for files, folders, registry keys and entries and many more.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Download Here: