Anonymous Threatens To kill Facebook

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Anonymous threatens to kill FacebookFacebooker’s designation that often arise for anyone who exist facebook member. Besides not least those who are so in love with social networking on this one, but there are some people or groups who are not at all like the social networking (Facebook). Speaking of Facebook, it is no surprise to social networks that are widely used in the world because, viewed in terms of facilities they have there is a little more prominent when compared as a whole.
The lack of troops and the threat of individual or organization, began unfolding when some evidence “Sorry If Less Right” that mentions facebook account has been blocking members who advertises other social networking account on facebook. Addressing the problems that arise, many stated that (Facebook Jealousy)
Moving on from some of the allegations above, Facebook is now the newest threats (Anonymous threatens to kill up on November 5th 2011) news / threats like this starts from several sources such as youtube.
The following statement from (Anonymous) related threats:

” On November 5th, 2011 WHO Everyone uses Facebook Will DIE! … “