Authorized Flock joins Zynga (Flock In Memoriam)

Free Download Authorized Flock joins Zynga (Flock In Memoriam)

Bad news for Flock users. Not a few people who fall in love with one of the main web browser on this one, her name is Flock. Release the final version of Flock [Flock 3.5.X.XXXX]. Flock team officially joined Zynga, in January 2011 and conducts research and development of social networking games and of course Flock stop to continue the development of technology in the field of Internet Browser.

In simple understanding, Flock can still be used but, to use some additional features, updates and upgrades all of it will never be provided again.
Testament of the Flock team :
“Use one of the main Web browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead of Flock Web Browser”
Here are some statements that existed at the site :

Flock in memoriam :

Thank you so much Flock