Creating Animations Using Microsoft Power Point 2010

Did you know? besides that Power Point can be used as media presentations, power point can also be used as one of the main media educational media. For example: Animated one of the main concepts of Physics, Making Type File (*. swf and *. flv) or change the file associated with Power Point, even the most important records, “WITHOUT USING PROGRAMMING lANGUAGE” means, for a NewBe also able to do so.

 The following examples of PowerPoint animations :

Basically, making an animation using the power point is not difficult as usual in most people imagine, but just use some logic of a combination of several animations of an object in power point.

The following example of an easy way to make these animations:

1. Prepare some shape like in the picture below:

2. Create a all animations for two animation are like on the picture so on (animation pane) is formed as shown below :

3. Change the animation (the red shape) with (doubele click on the animation) so that the properties dialog appears, as shown:

4. Change the animation (the blue shape) Sart with after previous

and Finish.