Get Data Back 4.21 (FAT/ NTFS) Full Version With Tutorial

Download Get Data Back 4.21 (FAT/ NTFS) Full Version With Tutorial

Get Data Back 4.21 is the product of Runtime Software in the last released. As prior knowledge, As the name implies, Get Data Back is a software designed to be able to recover the missing data on various storage media erased either intentionally or because of other activities such as a virus attack.

In the use of software, no not a few less people know how to use it. Along with providing download Get Data Back 4.21 full version and free of charge on this occasion, will provide an understanding of how to use Get Data Back 4.21 to recover of your lost data.
Before you know how to recover the lost data, firstly you have to know anything what requirements that you must have to be able to use this application. Below Minimum Requirements :
  • Windows-based Operating System: 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 (32 or 64 bit)
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • Pentium processor
Screen Shoots :

Here’s How To Use Get Data Back 4.21 ?
  • Select Get Data Back 4.21 Installer, in accordance with the format file of you were using.
Here I will use my HDD as a disc that will Recover:

  • Once you know the File System on the media you use, Instal Get Data Back 4.21 accordance with the File System

Select Get Data Back 4.21 FAT File System If you are using a FAT (16/32)

  • After attached application, do not forget to register your Get Data Back 4.21 to make it Full Version

If you use the System Type 32-bit (x86), use regysterx86 and Use regysterx64 if System Type 64-bit (x64)

  • The application is ready for use
  • Continue until the process is completed
Tips :
  • If you do not know how widely used Get Data Back, I don’t know. Use default setting
  • If you use the Media File System NTFS but the data is not found, Format and Install Get Data Back 4.21 FAT. It could happen the possibility that data on disk before you recover other type of file system like FAT.

For those interested, Download Here :