VideoLAN VLC 1.1.11 With Skins

VideoLAN VLC 1.1.11 is a software that can be used as a fairly dominating Multimdia Player supported formats other media players like Winamp, can also be supported by VLC. VLC 1.1.11 which was launched on 2011-07-15 to improve the features associated with the two security issues in the real and avi demuxers. Something no less importance, VLC is given to the public with a free license.

Once before I had introduced software that can be used to facilitate the user in the use of the multimedia player application, in this occasion I will introduce software that can be used as a backup when one of the main format (file system) which in turn tried to no avail.
System Requirements :
  • Wind 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2008/ 2003
  • Sound Card 
  • VGA 800 x 600 Screen Resolution
Screen Shoots :

For those interested, Download here :