Emails With Personal Domain ([email protected] or [email protected])

Email with your own domain (such as: [email protected] or [email protected]), certainly much desired by anyone who possessed the site. However, not a few people who have not received information on how to make it. Just accessories only, to beautify a contact email, on this occasion, I will introduce at least one of the main google products that can be used as a tool to beautify a special address from your website or blog.
To be able to use email with their own domain, does not require great skill because, for the manufacture of the email with the personal domain, simple by completing some requirements and fill in a form which is provided in google.
Here are some of the requirements to have an email with a personal domain :
– Emails that have been verified (Used for verification of registration)
Blog or Website (used for verification of domain ownership)
Steps to get an email with a personal domain :
– Register

– Fill al requested field (you can select the data that need it or fill with additional data (optional))

– Email Verification and domain ownership to include meta tags on your site

– Done
The result is like this :

May be useful