FinePrint 7.20 Full Keygen

FinePrint is a multifunction driver for printers that significantly extends the capabilities of any printer for printing documents: a preview, print multiple pages on a single sheet, printed brochures, header and “underground”, create letterheads, substrates, frames and more. FinePrint 7.20 works with all printer models, which, in fact, multifunctional universal printer driver with a comfortable desktop environment to manage.

Another useful FinePrint feature, the permissibility of multiple pre-configured virtual printer. For example, one will be automatically printed brochures, and others – to print text on the letterhead. Using FinePrint significantly reduced printing costs, while improving the overall operation of the printer.
Features :
  • Creating forms and letterhead.
  • Displays the amount of paper saved with FinePrint.
  • Duplex printing (also saves ink) and booklet creation.
  • Ink save mode: change the text is black and white, graphic wipe.
  • Large Scale pages on standard paper sizes.
  • Limits Set indentation to tie print.
  • Preview pages printed with the ability to remove and insert a new one, change the order of them.
  • Print multiple pages (2/4/8) on a piece of paper.
  • Print watermark, header and footer with the ability to specify the date, time, system variables or custom text.
  • Save pages and jobs to TIFF file format, JPEG, BMP, TXT and FP, copy it to the clipboard as text, image or metafile.
  • The ability to be used as a network printer.
  • The ability to create a virtual printer with FinePrint different presets for fast printing in standard mode.
  • The possibility of combining different print jobs into a single document for ease of document complex compounds.
Screenshot :

Minimum Requirements :
  • Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 (32 and 64 bits)