Free Barcode Generator

Once before I discuss How to Create a Gradient Form in VB.Net, in this post, I will introduce my own product, in the world Programming. Barcode term in this day and age, it is not a strange thing, given that almost all trade berdar products on the market at least 80% using barcodes to facilitate tracking and product data.

The use of barcodes as kodeproduksi effective enough for a safety. This, on the basis of the barcode technology is able to do a reading of some code that is quite confusing when the read by naked eye (Without a Lable).

Some of the capabilities of the barcode that has been developed, is its ability to support several barcode types, up to 24 types of barcodes, including (EAN-13, MSI, Telephone, Code 128, Code 39, etc.).

The advantages of Barcode Generator :

– Small size
– Many Barcode Coverage Type, Can be saved with different types of images (*. bmp, * gif, *. png, *. tiff), a measure that can be adjusted
– Freeware, etc.

The following some of Screen Shoot:

Here are the results:

For those of you who are interested, please download here: