SmadAV Rev. 8.6 Pro Full Version

Free Download SmadAV Rev. 8.6 Pro Full Version

SmadAV Rev. 8.6 Pro is the Local Antivirus of Indonesia which focuses protection and thoroughly cleaning for local viruses are widespread in Indonesia.
smadav much enjoy doing now enumerated by computer users, especially in Indonesia, this is the underlying because anti-virus is very light to be used but the style (skin) can change as the user desires (Special SamadAV Pro).

These early SmadAV 2011 Rev. 8.6 is launched with the addition of database features 100 new viruses, Completion SmadAV-Updater feature, especially for virus detection Ramnit, Sality, & OneLetter that spreads via USB Flash Disk, etc..

It looks like the image:

For those who are interested can be downloaded here:

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