GoodSync Enterprise 9.8.5 Full Keygen

Download GoodSync Enterprise 9.8.5 Full Keygen

GoodSync Enterprise 9.8. GoodSync is a file synchronization software that offers convenience for you to analyze files, synchronize files, backup files even all the documents in a technological devices such as computers, laptops, etc. With GoodSync you will be easier to sync between computers with laptops, mobile phone, server, etc. you can also use the remote FTP, SFTP, etc. using local area network and laso internet.

GoodSync Enterprise Feature:
  • Over 1,000,000 users, GUI translated to most common languages, available on Windows and Mac;
  • Capable of block-level synchronization for optimized processing of large files such as databases and email archives;
  • Bandwidth throttling to keep your network from overloading;
  • Configurable parallel file transfer to optimize synchronization of large numbers of small files;
  • Support for most cloud file storages and all file transfer protocols;
  • Ideal for creation of private-cloud, public-cloud, or hybrid-cloud backup solution;
  • Dashboard view of corporate backup activities with detailed success and failure reports.

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
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