Google’s respect For Each Incident

Each course there are different things, different people have different thoughts as well. as well as one of the world’s largest search engine so his name (google / the panda). A search engine that began with the development of creativity in the two Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin on 4 September 1998.
Google or the netter called by the name Panda Google, apparently has its own characteristics in celebrating or give a tribute to an event or an award for anyone in the value of the goggle provides a very useful contribution to the public.

Here are some of the respect given google:

A lesson we can learn from the discussion this time, “Is to never be ashamed or embarrassed about something that the public value that is impossible, but answer all the uncertainty of public with something that made him salute to us”.
Success, for anyone who dreams and keep trying to make it happen.