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Keyword Tools, Hot Keyword Today and Google Insights is a keyword that frequently appears in various search engines. Not only the world’s largest search engine (Google) these keywords are often the trend in webmasters. Not a few people working in the Internet world, especially the Blogger or who want a blog or website became popular (Rapid known), especially in cyberspace.
Some of the reasons why a blogger put a title or discussion on a post by using keywords that are most used in the world is a hope that some end deign to drop in on the site.
For those of you who may not know how to perform keyword tracking the trend in the world, my little secrets will leak into the top 10 on search engines.
In tracking popular keywords, but hopes to use the facilities for free, you can use google webmaster tools (AdWords), Google Trends, Google Insights Search
    • Google Trends can be used to perform keyword tracking data specifically to an area without having us do a keyword search of the popular and the latest without having to select a category or enter keywords. 
    • Google Insights Search. Slightly different from the Google Webmaster Tools (AdWords) and Google Trends, Google Insights Search may be used to perform keyword searches to filter globally, based on the type of search, location and time. Although still in beta, Google Insights Search is pretty much in the interest of the keyword search. 

    If you want to use SEO tools on the whole, I suggest you to have the IBP 11.9 Full Version