Macrium Reflect Pro 5.2.6474 Full Patch

Download Macrium Reflect Pro 5.2.6474 Full Patch

Macrium Reflect Pro 5.2.6474. Macrium Reflect is the easiest way to secure your system from a variety of dangers that cause the risk of system or important data contained on your computer is lost. Macrium Reflect is a recovery software that is fairly easy to use, effective and safe for system backup, partitions, folders or even your files into your disk image as it comes with a password protection feature.


  • Access images in Windows Explorer
  • Backup scripting
  • Commercial and Business use
  • Differential and Incremental backups
  • Disk Cloning
  • Disk Imaging
  • Disk Space Management
  • Email notification of backup status
  • File and Folder backup
  • Linux Rescue CD
  • Password protection and encryption
  • Recovery from Windows boot menu
  • Restore to dissimilar hardware
  • Schedule backups
  • Support for Dynamic disks
  • Support for GPT
  • Technical support by email and forum access
  • Windows PE Rescue Media (RAID support)
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 compatiblity



  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Download here:

Macrium Reflect Pro 5.2.6474 Full Patch
Macrium Reflect Pro 5.2.6474 Full Patch