Maintenance treatment or known in computer terms that is very important for the durability of the Software (the Software) and Hardware (Hardware).

Maintenance of their role (Softwaere) include: Maintenance System / File => (Removing Shortcut Brocken. Etc.), Maintenance Database => Registry Editor (Database System [exp: System.dat / User.dat etc].).. To facilitate users in performing maintenance on both PC Software and Hardware. Microsoft Developer (Developer) in the Operating System, has proved his skill in making the OS is equipped with maintenance facilities as Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragment.

Besides, Microsoft has provided a lot of them Developer Tools Maintenance seeking to make it easier and more mengefektifitaskan time to process maintenance. Among them: TuneUp Utilities, Regitery Cleaner, CCleaner, RegCacre, WiseCleaner, Ultimate Cleaner registery etc. Maintenance Among the many tools in use by the user in the world is TuneUp Utilities is a product of the Software GmbH Germany first became Researcher in the field of Protection and Maintenance since 1996 in comparison with maintenance tools recently. Professionalism Software GmbH in the inventor and developer of Maintenance Tools can be proved by the effectiveness of time to perform maintenance.