Mixed In Key Full Key

Mixed In Key (also know as MIK) is a powerful harmonic mixing software helpful to analyzes and determines the musical key (basic tone of a song). One interesting thing of this software is its ability to mix in a single track so that a song mixed with displacement would take more smooth from one segment to another, this DJs software also equipped with powerful and advanced harmony detection technology and you can also record your set automatically.

Mixed In Key 7 provides advanced key detection algorithm, so you can perfectly analyzes the harmonies and melodies, and determines the musical key of the music (MP3 and WAV files), process multiple audio files at once (batch-process multiple files), and many more.


  • Analyzes the harmonies and melodies
  • Essential add-on DJ sets
  • Shows you the musical key
  • Simple modern user interface
  • Detect cue points in your music
  • Create cue points automatically
  • Tell you tracks that are harmonically
  • Extremely easy to learn, and many more.


Mixed In Key 7


  • Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • 64-bit processor
  • Internet connection

How to install?:

  • Complete Mixed In Key 7 installation
  • Run the software and apply VIP key#
  • #Check readme to complete the activation

Mixed In Key Full Key

Download links – 10.1 MB

Pass: www.masterkreatif.com