Need for Speed ​​Shift Patch 1.02

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Need for Speed ​​Shift is a racing Video Game Need for Speed ​​published by Electronic Arts. This game has sold 4 million copies on all platforms combined. Although Need for Speed ​​Shift 2 was released in 2011, But On this occasion I will share a Patch 1.02 of Need for Speed ​​Shift requested by visitor.

Here are Several improvements are made to Patch Version 1.02 for All platform :
  • Increase the maximum number of online players from 8 to 12
  • General game Stability and performance improvements
  • Improved handling of the car
  • Fix for problem where some cars would bounce on their suspensions during high load situations
  • Fix for grass that sometimes appear out of position
  • Fix for intermittent results duel wrong driver
  • Fix for upside-down slide operation balance
  • Fix to win online and losses are sometimes calculated correctly for the race drift
  • Fixed an issue where the car was loaned to inherit the setting career careers car tuning players
  • Fixed various usability issues with the advanced setup screen
  • First lap lap time fixed for the event start rolling
  • Fixed a tuning car settings sometimes do not take effect
  • Fix to prevent rotating past the initial instant replay
  • Rental cars sometimes appear during the show Still all white duel driver
  • Fixed wrong screen displayed when the player is disqualified
  • Fix for occasional opponent visible drift during events online
  • Fix for intermittent hang when skipping quickly through the post-regatta
  • Fix for intermittent hang when pressing X repeatedly on the screen My Car
  • Fix for missing race groove in the point-to-point tracks
  • Prevented livery car reset to default after the race online
  • Fix for advanced tuning does not stay open on the anniversary
  • Keep car get setup invitational event they are damaged and become undrivable (eg Veryon and Carrera GT)
  • Improvements to this Lamborghini has a lower top speed when upgrading
  • Fix for the Corvette Z06 and Dodge Viper are not able to move at the start of several events
  • Improved AI for several car upgrades lowest point cause some instability over bumps
  • Fix bug upgrade menu
  • Fix for force feedback strength settings saving bug
  • Fix multiplayer settings for the opponent AI and drift modes
  • Fix for wrong vinyls applied to the rear wing
  • Fix for hang in the lobby when accessing your friends list from auto select
  • Fix for bug that jumps stores load profile select menu when pressing the Enter key
  • Fix to skip parts of the body when the car resets.
PC Specification :
  • Improved support for ATI graphics cards
  • Increased use of dynamic vertex buffer (optimization of performance on all PCs)
  • Fixed crash on a particular PC configuration when changing the shadow settings
  • Fixed intermittent crash during the first lap of the race on a particular PC configuration
  • Disabled forced to preset damper custom wheels on your PC
  • Optimized multi-GPU PC operating
  • Fix for intermittent missing surface noise on a particular PC configuration
  • Fix for intermittent black sky
  • Fix for hang LAN menu for a client when the host with a rapid return to main menu.
Screenshots :

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