NitroBlast 2.0 Full Version

Download NitroBlast 2.0 Full Version

NitroBlast 2.0 Full VersionNitroBlast is a powerful plugin for Maxon CINEMA 4D that allows you to easily create Thrausi disaster broke with automatic permitting, and collision driven break. Nitroblast is designed as a simple, easy to use interface, fast and extremely powerful features. By using this program, you no longer have to do anything to break the object, because the split is done automatically on the basis effect. All you need to do is just run the dynamic simulation, or even customized with the two colliding objects movement, and will auto-break does the rest.

Key features:

  • Break piece with dynamic in collision
  • Can hide the fractured pieces
  • Change noise type and quality
  • Control dynamic object in real time
  • Control the pieces with easy
  • Create your own presets with easy
  • Deep breaking of an object
  • Easily set up the breaking levels
  • Explode an object on an impact point
  • Fully preserves the complex objects
  • Highest quality final result
  • Low, medium, high and extreme

What’s new in NitroBlast 2:

  • Multibreak multiple clashes on an object
  • More realistic cuts static and dynamic
  • Deepbreak, flip object, and many more.


NitroBlast 2.0

Minimum Requirements:

  • CINEMA 4D R15 or above

How to install/activate:

  • Make sure that CINEMA 4D is not running
  • Extract and put all files to the proper dir#
  • #The directory where you install CINEMA 4D
  • #eg: “C:\Program Files\Maxon\CINEMA 4D R17\Plugins”

NitroBlast 2.0 Full Version

Download links – 3.4 MB