PhotoInstrument 7.0 Build 705 Full Serial

PhotoInstrument 7.0 Build 705 is one of the most photography editing programs for the one who doesn’t like complicated aplication. This one is really easy using, but doesn’t mean will give you worse editing. PhotoInstrument is a powerful and easy-to-learn raster graphics editor used to process digital photographs, can be used to the digital face makeup, and also can use in order to streamline the ideal body shape.

PhotoInstrument 7.0 Features:
  • Save as Animated Gif new
  • Support Photoshop-compatible plugins
  • Add text to an image.
  • Overlay two and more images.
  • Drag and drop to open photos in this photo editor.
  • Copy/Paste image from Clipboard.
  • Batch Resizing (resize multiple images)
  • PSD file (PhotoShop Format) support in Editing.
  • Multi Language support.
  • Save to computer as .jpg, .png, .bmp and other file formats.

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Download PhotoInstrument 7 here:
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