R-Studio 7.2 Full Crack

R-Studio 7.2 Full Crack. R-Studio is a software with high productivity, can restore your important data lost due to a deliberate errors such as accidentally deleted but you need it later in the liver or inadvertent errors such as lost due to malicious activity of viruses, formatted or even damaged devices due to its continued use is causing the loss of your important data permanently. Let’s check out the R-Studio 7.2.

Key features:

  • Work on Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista.
  • Data recovery over the Network.
  • Supported for FAT12, FAT16, FAT32,NTFS, NTFS5, HFS/HFS+, UFS1/UFS2, Ext2FS/Ext3FS.
  • Recognition and parsing Dynamic partitions layout schema and Apple partition map. Dynamic partitions over GPT are supported as well as dynamic partitions over MBR.
  • Damaged RAID recovery.
  • Creates IMAGE FILES for an entire Hard Disk, Partition or its part.
  • Data recovery on damaged or deleted partitions, encrypted files (NTFS 5), alternative data streams (NTFS, NTFS 5).
Recovery features:
  • FDISK or other disk utilities have been run;
  • VIRUS has invaded; FAT is damaged; MBR is destroyed.
  • Recognizes localized names.
  • Recovered files can be saved on any disks accessible by the host operating system.
  • File or disk content can be viewed and edited with the advanced hexadecimal editor.
  • The editor supports NTFS file attribute editing.


  • Windows All
  • No special requirements

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R-Studio 7.2 Network Edition Full Crack
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R-Studio 7.2 Network Edition Full Crack
R-Studio 7.2 Network Edition Full Crack

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