Register and Verify Paypal Without VCC or Credit Card

Free Download Register and Verify Paypal Without VCC or Credit Card

Paypal, not strange for someone who is often involved in the Internet world (especially for doing business on the internet). So many questions at a forum or in a comment about the difficulty to register on paypal. In this post, hopefully I can help anyone who wants to have a Paypal account just use the ID Card and Bank Account without a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) or Credit Card.
Not a bit of internet users, which is less about security in business through the internet. Despite tight as any security of a safety, there must be a weak point in it, no wonder many internet users are wondering “how to hacking?”
To at least minimize the possibility of a hack or a tool limitations or requirements to register to paypal now I will enlighten those interested to register on paypal, without using a VCC or Credit Card :
– The first step you have to prepare is Identity Card (Driving License or ID card) and Bank Account.
* “Data on Identity Cards must be the same (exactly) with data on the Bank Account”.
– Click to Register
– Fill in all requested data

I recommend, for individual use Premier Account.
– After account creation step is completed, the next step is to verify paypal account :
1. Email Verification

2. Verify the correctness of data that is used in registration
To verify this, we can perform data transmission and information to the paypal email :

* Email is used to verify paypal is the email used to register.
Fill in the email was scanned data (Personal Identity and the Book Bank)
Add a note along with the data, I describe as follows:

Apologize in advance, I’m XXXXXX

Already a few days, I am waiting to confirm my bank account in paypal. But, since I did the addition of a bank account in day Wednesday, 25/05/2011, I have not received any confirmation.
Along with this message I attach the Driving License and proof of address from google.
As a additional Information :
I still was educated at a university in Indonesia.
I hope, if my paypal account can be verified with Bank Account only. Because, one of the main requirements to make a Credit Card with Bank BRI is Having a fixed income and the job.

Thank you for your service.

* Wait two to seven days to notice that the account verification has been approved