The secret to Increase Visitors From Search Engines (SEO Tips and Trick) Update Juli 2011

Of the many blogs or websites in the world, only a few prominent (many visitors), this, based off a variety of reasons that sometimes made ​​a few mistakes in the technique of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is dominant to the referrer source of the article in the post on a blog / website and this is how quickly whether or not a blog / website in the know of many people.

Here are some ways to increase visitors to your blog or website:
1. Make sure that an article in the latest write (Hot News)
2. Make visitors impressed, when visiting a web / blog
3. Make sure the article is updated continuously and consistently
4. Use keywords that are relevant and widely used search on search engines
5. Each article is not the copy-paste from your blog or website indexed by search engines
6. Do not forget to send the URL to various search engines, because not a few people in the world, use search engines as search reference data.

7. Take advantage of all opportunities as possible, and ensure the completeness of each article we write.
8. The terpwnting “Never despair because an opportunity to fail”.
Success, and I hope useful