Ultimate Defrag 3

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Ultimate Defrag is one defragger applications, or in simple language, these applications as a tool capable of after finish all the sectors on your hard drive. According to some sources and this is evidence of experience, this application is very powerful and very appropriate to put a sector on the hard disk.

Ultimate Defrag is a software that is owned by the Disk Trix, Inc. which so far only three products introduced to the public that is UltimateDefrag3, UltimateDefrag3 – XP Edition and DefragExpress that all applications it is a tool defragmenter / defragger.
With the process of defragging, May hard drive can help your hard drive for more robust and durable. (I can not confirm, it’s all just business) and not only that, the application is able to perform Performance Upgrades up to many times than before and are no less important application is able to perform recovery of bad sectors on your hard drive.
Here are some Screen Shoots :


Result :

  • Before Defrag :
  • After Defrag :

Support :
  • Windows Operating System XP/ Vista/ 7
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