X-RAY => It is an electromagnetic wave with a short wave.


Not visible to the eye, moving in a straight line, and could affect photographic film as visible light;

The breakdown is higher than in visible light, and can penetrate the human body, wood, several layers thick metal; Can be used to create shadow images of an object on a photographic film (radiograph);
X-rays are electromagnetic waves with energy E = hf;

Order an x-ray wavelength is 0.5 to 2.5 Å (whereas orede to visible light wavelength = 6000 Å). So the location of x-rays in the diagram is the spectrum of electromagnetic waves between the ultra violet rays and gamma rays;

Unit of the x-ray wavelengths are often expressed in two types of units namely angstroom (Å) and x-ray unit (X Units = XU). 1 kXU = 1000 XU = 1.00202 Å;

The wave equation for the electric field of polarized x-ray field is rE = A sin 2p (x / l – ft) = A sin (kxwt). X-ray intensity is dE / dt (average energy flow per unit time) per one unit area perpendicular to the direction of propagation. The average value of x-ray intensity is directly proportional to A2. Unit intensity is ergs / (det.cm2).

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